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Welcome students!
We are looking for talented and committed individuals who will work with us in CiRA. Our laboratory has two fields, computational biology and wet experiments. Please see research overview for more information.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our research.

Research topics
①4D analysis of stem cells and cell differentiation to induce their basic theories
②Design of 3D tissues from iPS cells by single-cell analysis
③Development of human cell database and its medical applications
④Development of cell therapy supporting system based on artificial intelligence/machine learning, etc


  • Graduate students
    Our laboratory hosts graduate students enrolled in Graduate course, Medicine and Medical science, Kyoto University.
    For students who wish to apply for our laboratory, first you must pass the entrance examination. Please review guidelines and important dates regarding the Entrance Exam. (click here.)

    Procedure for acceptance of graduate students at CiRA:
    click here
    for more information.

  • Job opportunities for foreign researchers
    We have three types of opportunities available:
    1. Fellowship Program of Development of Young Researchers (for new postdocs within 3 years)
    2. Fellowship Program of Promotion of Internationalization of Research
    3. International Research Exchange Support (for sabbatical leave)

    Please send us your CV with the statement of your research interests!
    Thank you!

  • Internship programs
    There are CiRA Research Internship Programs:
    Undergraduate and graduate students